segunda-feira, dezembro 10, 2007

Opções de vida

"Dayton, who is forty-three, is tall and bald, with watery blue eyes. He is named for another Ralph Dayton, a shoemaker born in 1588, in Kent, England. (Many Dayton descendants live in the area.) He attended East Hamptons High School. His father was a lawyer, his grandfather a farmer. "Growing up here was pretty special," he said. "Not like it is today. There was none of this materialism. When I was fourteen, I got a job as a beachboy, sweeping out cabanas." He went to law school, and tried practicing law but hated it, so, like many of his townie ancestors, he bought a place in Sagaponack and grew vegetables. The eventual bounty was real estate: he sold the farm and used the income to buy land in the North Carolina backlands, where he planted cotton, among other things, and was happy."
Da New Yorker

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