quinta-feira, junho 24, 2004

Não li o livro, ainda, e como tal isto não quer dizer que concorde com ele. Mas, no geral, e sendo óbvio, opara quem me conheça, a minha desconfiança em relação a todos os tipos de dirigismo, e a minha veia libertária, cito Hayek para me definir:

"It is of course true that in the struggle against the berlivers of the all-powerful state the true liberal must sometimes make common cause with the conservative(...). But true liberalism is still distinct from from conservatism(...).

Conservatism, though a necessary element in any stable society, is not a social program; in its paternalistic, nationalistic and power-adoring tendencies it is often closer to socialism than to true liberalism; and with its traditionaistic, anti-intellectual and often mystical propensities it will never, except in short periods of disillusionment, appeal to the young and all those others who believe that some changes are desirable if this world is to became a better place. A conservative movement is, by its nasture, bound to be a defender of established privilege and to lean on the power of government for protection of privilege.

The essence of the liberal position, however, is the denial of all privilege, if privilege is understood in its proper and original meaning of the state granting and protecting rights to some that are not available to others on equal terms."

Preface 1956, The road to serfdom

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