terça-feira, julho 03, 2007

Isto foi rápido, como previsto
Do Financial Times:

Shelves lay empty in some of Harare’s main supermarkets on July 2, with bread and milk, in particular, hard to find following last week’s demand by President Robert Mugabe’s government that retailers halve prices of basic goods.
Rather than risk arrest by the police, some retailers have cut prices and run down stocks, but others have maintained prices in the face of renewed threats from the government.
On July 2 Vice-President Joseph Msika, standing in for Mr Mugabe while he attends an African Union summit in Ghana, reaffirmed the government’s threat to take over manufacturers who failed to comply with the pricing directives aimed at reducing an official inflation rate of 4,500 per cent.
A number of supermarkets reported chaotic scenes as they were forced by police and government price inspectors to empty stockrooms and sell products at cut prices. Bakers have slashed bread production and supermarkets who had any deliveries at all sold their supplies early.

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